My journey began thus,

Never really knew that I’d have ended up here exploring another strand of my life

This page is for all the viewers giving them a friendly reminder- “Do what makes you happy.” We all have a common thread that holds us back restricting us to reach our desires, wants, aspirations and what not. Each and every human on this earth just craves for one single thing that is ‘a room that is solely his/ her’. As Virginia Woolf in her book, ‘A Room of One’s Own’ said that to be fiction writer a woman needs a room of her own and money. Extracting a piece of her saying, I strongly believe that we all need is a bounded area that only we, the owner can access it. You all must be thinking, what am I trying to say and that’s obvious, being curious is good actually amazing. What I’m doing here is that this page and the further pages are my rooms. A room whose keys are possessed by me and in this room, you all can peep and have a look around.

Rooms that are nubile, yet childish
Rooms that are rational, yet tangled
Rooms that are voluble, yet reserved
Rooms that are independent, yet caged
Rooms that are glad, yet despaired
Rooms are that strong, yet tired

Welcome to the pages of my existence!

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